a little about hyungjoo kim

Hyungjoo Kim is a graphic designer and educator. Hyungjoo's designs have been recognized in over one hundred exhibitions/ publications nationally and internationally. Hyungjoo has taught a variety of design courses since 1994. Currently, she is teaching in Visual Communications Design at Purdue University. Hyungjoo holds an M.A. in Visual Communications Design and an M.F.A. in Advertising Design. She has finished her coursework for a Ph.D. in Environmental Planning. Her doctoral research, an interdisciplinary study, examines the role of graphic design in a built environment. She is investigating how graphic objects and visual system can be inclusive and responsive to different user groups as active components of environmental infrastructure balancing style and functionality.

Hyungjoo has enjoyed working closely with students to expand their knowledge of design, problem solving methods, understanding of process, skills in the field, creativity and critical thinking. She loves the dynamism of her studio classes and enjoys the active interactions. She finds it very rewarding to observe her student’s progress through the way they experience the design process of solving problems by creative thinking, passion and endeavor.

Professionally, Hyungjoo has worked in several positions in the graphic design field including designer, illustrator, art director and design director. These positions involved completing projects which solved various graphic design problems, handling communications with diverse client groups, and learning new technologies related to design implementation. Her design career started when she worked as an illustrator, cartoonist, information graphic artist and later as an editor for her college newspaper. Through working in the newspaper medium, she learned about the importance of a tight connection between content and visual forms in communication. Additionally, this opportunity made her start to deliberate on the importance of visual and media literacy, and the role of graphic design and responsibility. Since she finished her graduate study, she has participated in diverse design projects. She has developed identity programs for a variety of clients emphasizing branding, logotypes, packaging and various print applications. Also, she designed and directed several international events including Asia Photography Conference and the Environmental Poster Exhibition of International Solar Cities Congress. And she has been a consultant for design firms, photographers, corporations and non profit organizations contributing to their identity programs and publication designs since 2003.

Hyungjoo is very fortunate to have had many chances to serve on various committees inside and outside of academia. She has been involved in advisory or organizing committees for international events and public organizations and served as a juror of national design competitions. It is her pleasure to contribute to any committee where she can use her skills to further constructive projects.

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